Agricultural Product
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                        Available Agricultural Products that are fundamental to our daily living are:


             Specs:         Color: Yellow

                                    Size: 6.9mm - 8.3mm

                                    Moisture: 12.5% - 13.5%

                                    Admixture: 0.01%

                                   Germination: 97%

                                   Protein: 42%


             Specs:          Polarization: at 20:99.8% MIN

                           Moisture: 0.04% MAX

                           Sulphated Ash Content: 0.04% MAX

                           Granulation: Fine

                           Solubility: 100% Dry and Free Flowing

                           Radiation: Normal without presence of Caesium or Iodine

                           Color: Crystal Sparkling White

                           Smell: Free of any unusual or abnormal smell

                           Magnetic Particles: MG/K4 SO MG/K 20

  • CORN

             Specs:         Grade: Yellow Corn Grade 2

                                   Moisture: 14% max

                                   Heat Damaged Kernels: 0.5% max

                                   Total Damaged Kernels: 3.5% max

                                   Protein: 9% min

                                   Admixture: 2.5% max

                                   Aflatoxin Total: 20PPB


             Specs:       Type: Milling Wheat Grade 1

                                 Protein: 11% min

                                 Moisture Content: 12% max

                                 Damaged kernels: 3% max

                                 Foreign Material: 2% max

                                 Gluten: 9.5% min

                                 Wet Gluten: 24% min

                                 Falling Number / Sec: 300 - 400 min

                                 Other Food Grains: 2% max

                                 Bored Grains: 2% max

  • RICE

             Specs:      Type: Long Grain

                                Moisture: 14% max

                                Broken Rice Ratio: <5%

                                Foreign Matter: <1%

                                Variety: White


                       These products are imported basically from Brazil, Philippines, India and Thailand with the highest purity content. We likewise deal with other agricultural products depending on its availability.