Letter of Credit Usance
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                       With our vast experience in this intricate world of business, we have learned various things surrounding the market. With that, it puts us to where we are standing right now with heads high and feet on the ground. W believed that any demands can be provided through an honest conversation and commitment. As of the moment, we can offer Letter of Credit at Sight and Usance Letter of Credit. Other modalities can be executed depending on the individual's requirement.

                      LETTER OF CREDIT - by simple definition, is a letter from a bank guaranteeing that s buyer's payment to seller will be received on time and for the correct amount.


  1. L.C at SIGHT - which means the Beneficiary is paid as soon as the paying bank has determined that all necessary documents are in order.
  2. USANCE L.C - which means usance time can be between 30 to 180 days after the Bill of Lading date. This is a form of delayed payment.